The furniture bodyworks are made with panels of wooden particles with low emis- sion of formaldehyde (E1 class), hydrophobics and laminated panels with mela- mine coatings which are resistant to abrasions and easy to clean. All the cabinet bodyworks have the 25mm thick both top and bottom. Furthermore, the bottom is supplied reinforced with a varnished grey metallic profile, to limit its decline due too much load.


Legs for the foundations and pillars are manufactured in quick graft without inter- nal holes in the bottom PVC and are available in heights 6 or 10 cm with adjust- ment up to 1,5 cm. (frontal adjustment with Allen wrench) for legs H 6cm.


The hangers fitted on cabinets and foundations and pillars of depth cm 36 have the maximum loading capacity of 200 kg for the pair and they are adjustable from the inside through borings on the back that are hidden by the hole cover provided in the kit. Distance between the back of the furniture and the wall In all the furniture a distance between the back of the furniture and the walls is foreseen in the back for the ventilation and to facilitate the transition of tubes and wiring which varies according to the depth of the side.

Drawers and hampers

Drawers and hampers are built with high sliding drawer slides with complete ex- coupling, adjustment in three traction, amortised closure and the extent of 40 kg.; 70 kg for 90 and 120 cm directions and they are tested hampers. They are made with drawer frames and back section in metal varnished in for 50.000 cycles of opening/grey or white and with the bottom in melamine wood in matching dye.


The hinges are equipped with automatic couplers, adjustable in three directions in amortised closing mechanism a simple way. They are all fitted with closing shock absorbers.


All the doors are built with amortised hinges with quick coupling, adjustment in three directions and they are tested for 50.000 cycles of opening/closing. The cabinets with lift-up opening, vertical opening and parallel lift-up opening have an amortised closing mechanism which makes it possible to block the cabinet doors in any opening/closing position.